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Five Keys to Increase North Carolina Website Traffic

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It can be difficult to put a label on a problem. If you don’t know what is causing a dip in your north carolina sales, you can’t fix it. This is often the case with business websites. If you don’t know why your website is turning customers away, it can be difficult to win them back!

Factors like usability, performance, security, accessibility, and content all play a role in whether or not your website will be able to increase north carolina website traffic. Having a well-functioning website is vital if you want to convert web traffic to customers.

Here are five signs that it’s time for a new website:

Poor Sales Performance

This is often the biggest argument made for redesigning a website. Your website is a salesperson for your business that never clocks out for the day or takes a break. This is a 24/7 lead generation tool that is often the first contact you have with a potential customer.

While, yes, your website can be used to educate and inform your audience, a well functioning site will turn web traffic into new customers and convert existing customers into higher paying ones. By overhauling your website you’re not just updating a billboard for your company, your increasing your bottom line.

Outdated Style

It’s inexcusable if your website looks like it was designed ten years ago. When prospective clients visit your website, there is an expectation that the information they are looking for will be easy to find. Not only should it be easy to find, it should be presented in an attractive and appealing manner.

Ideally, your website will be the flagship for your online brand image. It will be the anchor to your social channels and the source for any information about your company. Your company website needs to reflect the personality of your business. If that personality changes, so should your website.

Mobile Unfriendly

Browsing the web with a mobile device can be difficult. If your business is one of those websites that do not cater to mobile browsers, you’re going to lose out on a lot of potential web traffic. As more and more Internet traffic moves to mobile browsers, it only makes sense to adapt with the trend.

Additionally, by not optimizing your website for mobile devices you risk altering your brand image by the way the website renders on the device. If you invest in revamping your business website, make sure your investment is worth it by optimizing the site for all devices.

Low Search Engine Rankings

Search engine algorithms change frequently and if you haven’t been able to update your website accordingly, chances are you’ve fallen behind in the rankings. While at one point the goal of SEO was to stuff as many keywords into your content as possible, recent updates have shifted that priority to high quality content.

If you’re website isn’t showing up among the first in the search engine results pages in north carolina, you're losing out on a lot of opportunities to increase north carolina website traffic and it may be time to find an SEO solution. For small and medium sized businesses, this often leads to hiring a digital marketing agency to take care of. While there is a fee for this, it usually pays of in the new business it generates. 

Difficult to Update Content

As mentioned above, content is the new driving factor for a better spot on a search engine result page. If you’re seeing high bounce rates and low amounts of time spent on your website in your website traffic analytics, it’s usually because the content on your website is not helpful and ineffective.

When revamping your website, keep in mind how your customers are looking to use your website. Make sure the content is helpful and the website is easy and intuitive to navigate. 

If you’re unhappy with your company’s website, why keep it? Your website is an investment and it’s important to view it as such. Maintaining an online presence is no longer an option. For more information about how you can increase north carolina website traffic and improve your company’s website, contact us today.

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