3 Tips to Make Your Local SEO Strategy Successful

By Michael Sims |   03 March 2020

In today’s ever changing world of small business marketing, there are few that will prove to be more beneficial to a business than a well executed Local SEO strategy.  Google’s studies have shown that 50% of all consumers that conduct a local search visited a business within one day and 34% of computer and tablet users visited a store within a day.  Therefore if you do not have a plan in place to constantly grow your local SEO you will undoubtedly lose valuable customers to your competition.

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Web Marketing for Manufacturers & B2B Companies

By Derrick Thompson |   07 April 2016

How to Separate Your Business from the Competition

The process of website design and marketing for manufacturers requires a more personal approach after years of a more formal approach in how B2B companies market to buyers. Considering buyers are already overwhelmed by the amount of buying options, they need to find a place that helps them make a quick decision about who to buy from. The good news for you is if you have a website that provides what they want, they'll probably choose you before you even have contact with them.

Many B2B buyers now research companies online in advance before any contact starts. Most likely, they'll end up on a website first, and it's possible it'll be yours.

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3 Proven Reasons to choose Online Marketing Solutions over Traditional

By Derrick Thompson |   16 March 2016

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

While large corporations have increasingly decided to invest their marketing budget in digital alternatives, the question of online marketing solutions vs. traditional marketing is still unanswered for many businesses. Going with what has always worked, along with a fear of the unknown, drives small business owners everywhere toward flier, direct mail, and print campaigns that are often more hassle than they're worth - especially when you consider these 3 unbeatable reasons to choose internet marketing over your current traditional marketing efforts.

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Keys to Growing your Small Business featuring Website Maintenance

By Derrick Thompson |   20 November 2015

A Simple Website or Small Website will NOT help your Business!

Far too often businesses have the impression that a simple or small website will benefit them in a major way. They view websites as a means for customers or leads to get in touch. They don't see their website as an actual source for these leads. Rather, they believe the only visitors that will use their website are current customers or prospects that are already familiar with their brand and are simply using their website as a way to find their phone number, email or other contact details. This type of mentality does very little for a business. A simple website doesn't take advantage of digital marketing or the many possibilities that the internet presents for today's small businesses.

Your website should never be a billboard or brochure

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Website Maintenance is key to Growing Your Business

By Derrick Thompson |   13 November 2015

Your Website is a Reflection of Your Business

Why do you have a website?  Did you set it up just because everyone else was doing so?  Or do you really intend to make it work for you?  Your website can fulfill a number of purposes, from increasing sales to reputation management.  What you need to do is figure out what your company needs and then set up a website maintenance plan that will fulfill those needs.

And a company is like a human being—it’s constantly growing and changing.  So its needs are changing as well.  This makes it important for you to keep updating your website, so that it’s fulfilling your company’s needs.  Keep in mind that your website is like your yard; it needs maintenance.  Here are three reasons why you need to keep updating your website:

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Key Strategies to Gain Website Visitors and Sales

By Derrick Thompson |   05 November 2015

Increase Sales by Revamping Your Website

Small business owners have a lot to do every day. To the largest extent possible, you rely on tools, staff and systems to streamline your processes and ease up the simple tasks so you can better handle the difficult ones. Using digital tools to create business opportunities will free your talent to focus on maintaining high-quality product and services. A high-quality website is the first tool to implement, and technology offers lessons and guidance on how to optimize it to increase your corporate productivity.  

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Three Reasons to Set Marketing Goals Now for More Sales in 2016

By Derrick Thompson |   04 November 2015

You can't wait until the new year to have a good year!

Can you believe it? Only a few more weeks until Christmas. And that's important not just because you should probably begin to think about presents for your loved ones, but also because it matters to your marketing. In fact, believe it or not, you must set marketing goals now for more sales in 2016.  Think that's too early? Consider these three reasons it isn't.

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5 Keys to get More Traffic to your Non Profit Website

By Derrick Thompson |   27 October 2015

The internet should be your #1 method to raise awareness and money

A website is a fantastic thing. It allows you to share information with others, be creative and can even help a non profit obtain money and volunteers. However, if people are not visiting your non profit website, all of these amazing benefits will be lost. For this reason, it is always important to work on ways to increase the amount of traffic that visits your non profit website.

Learning how to get more website traffic is something that many find difficult. However, with a few simple steps, you will find that increasing the number of visitors that you have on your website is actually much easier than you think. Here are some things that you should do to increase your numbers.

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