The Fundamental Mechanics of Lead Generation Marketing

By Derrick Thompson |   02 June 2020



Does your digital marketing generate leads while you sleep?

Generating leads - both high in quantity and quality - is a marketers most important objective. A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the funnel full of sales prospects while you sleep. Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 marketers feel their lead generation campaigns are effective. What gives?

There can be a lot of moving parts in any lead generation campaign and often times it’s difficult to know which parts need fine tuning. In this guide, we will expose the top 30 techniques marketers should utilize to increase leads and revenue. These tactics have been tested over the past 7 years and have been used by our 8,000+ customers to generate more than 9.8 million leads last year.

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7 Tips to Creating Irresistible Campaign Offers - Lead Generation

By Derrick Thompson |   05 May 2020


Lead Generation Strategy

YES ... is one of the most powerful words in the human language. And if you think about all the things we do as marketers, it’s ultimately to get people to say “yes” to our offers.

When an offer is exclusive, scarce, or in high demand, it becomes more desirable. Whether they are whitepapers, free trials, memberships, sales promotions, or downloads, these irresistible elements can overcome a lead’s typical friction, doubt, or concern.

Why do these elements work? Because they trigger a physiological reaction that makes an offer more valuable. People need to perceive the value of your offer to be greater than what you’re asking for in return. The higher the perception of value, the more irresistible the offer. So how do you create irresistible offers? Glad you asked...

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Top Three Advantages of Using Online Video Marketing Services in Raleigh

By Derrick Thompson |   07 April 2020

Is it viral yet? Is it viral yet?

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3 Tips to Make Your Local SEO Strategy Successful

By Michael Sims |   03 March 2020

In today’s ever changing world of small business marketing, there are few that will prove to be more beneficial to a business than a well executed Local SEO strategy.  Google’s studies have shown that 50% of all consumers that conduct a local search visited a business within one day and 34% of computer and tablet users visited a store within a day.  Therefore if you do not have a plan in place to constantly grow your local SEO you will undoubtedly lose valuable customers to your competition.

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7 Signs Your Website May Have Malware

By De'Von Carter |   04 February 2020



Website security is a growing concern for more companies as our technology evolves.  75% of websites that exist have some type of Malware on them and 60% of small businesses close within six months of a major security breach.  This is not something that can be taken lightly.  Since most webistes have some type of malware on them without the owners knowledge, we have put together a list of the top seven ways to determine if your website falls in this category.  Now the only way to know is to have a security scan, which we will discuss later.   Read More

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How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

By Tony Hayden |   07 January 2020


Ransomware is the name given to a family of malware that is designed to block access to data or a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Ransomware is the fastest growing type of malware. Read More

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Community Involvement and Brand Awareness:  How are they connected?

By Michael Sims |   02 December 2019


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Social Media for B2B Companies: 3 Steps to a Successful Stratergy

By Derrick Thompson |   05 November 2019

 B2B Social Media Strategy

We have all seen the explosive growth of Social Media over the last 20 years.  In fact 72% of all internet users actively use social media on a daily basis.  Therefore, saying that social media marketing should be an integral part of any business's marketing strategy is an understatement. Corporations gain tremendous brand awareness and in turn sales growth through leveraging social media. Remember what we the ice bucket challenge did for funding for the ALS association? Exactly. But despite this knowledge and evidence of the influence of social media, B2B companies have traditionally struggled with this aspect of digital marketing.  So We have put together  5 tips to help your B2B company’s social media strategy gain some momentum:

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3 Tips to Help Prevent SQL Injections on Your Website

By De'Von Carter |   01 October 2019


Before we can explain the specifics of a SQL injection attack, It is important that you understand a basic two tier web application architecture. As stated in the name, there are two parts working together to make your website a reality.  The first tier is the web server.  The web server can be considered the frontend, or the server that the end users or customers connect to.  This is where the pretty pictures and content are hosted and displayed.  So, when you go to your favorite website and the page that is presented to you in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc…), that is the web server.  The second tier is actually holding the really important data on the website.  

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Are you Charging the Right Amount for your Products or Services?

By Michael Sims |   03 September 2019

The Answer Lies within your Profit and Margin

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