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Key Strategies to Gain Website Visitors and Sales

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Website Traffic Generation

Increase Sales by Revamping Your Website

Small business owners have a lot to do every day. To the largest extent possible, you rely on tools, staff and systems to streamline your processes and ease up the simple tasks so you can better handle the difficult ones. Using digital tools to create business opportunities will free your talent to focus on maintaining high-quality product and services. A high-quality website is the first tool to implement, and technology offers lessons and guidance on how to optimize it to increase your corporate productivity.  


Post Valuable Content:

You are the expert on your proprietary wares, you are best suited to tell others what they will gain by using your products. Researched articles, customer comments, and to-do lists all attract visitor attention. Using words on your site that are frequently used in Google, Yahoo! or Bing searches will place your site near the top of those search engine pages, where it can be seen by as many as 80% of internet searchers.  This is key to gain website visitors and sales.

Post Comments at Other Sites With Your Site Address Embedded:

Comments on other sites with links to your page can stimulate interest in you and your business. Connecting with a complementary site (not a competitor) will benefit both sites and add your visitors to their site and their visitors to yours.

Participate in Social Networking:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ have proven themselves to be traffic generators. Industries, groups and professions often have sites dedicated to their subject matter. If your products relate to their areas of expertise, your input could be a valuable addition to their conversation. A link to your website is optimal when adding content to any post on a social media site.


Even with a large volume of website visitors, if you’re not generating income from their activity, you’ll need to make some changes. Your goal is to solve their problem, so leading them from information to motivation to purchasing must accomplish that goal.

Declutter Your Page:

Easy navigation on your page is critical to engage and retain the visitor's interest. Attractive design, clear product and service details, and easily accessed “Calls To Action” (CTA) will carry your prospect from finding what they are looking for, confirming that they need it, and finalizing the purchase and delivery details.

Add Email to Your Daily or Weekly To-Do List:

Many websites offer email optimization tools that capture the addresses of your potential customers and send appropriate emails notifying them of corporate activities. Keeping the resource updated means that your clients and customers will get up-to-the-minute information as you make those business decisions. An email is an excellent tool for developing trust and relationships online. That can be tricky to achieve and maintain because your target market may never actually see your face or speak with anyone at your company. Email can facilitate the relationship.


Once a visitor has identified your product as a solution to their problem, you may need to encourage them to actually buy it. Using analytical tools, you can track how well your site functions in terms of a visits-to-purchases ratio. Some websites come with these analytical tools included; others do not. Analytical tools can help you gain website visitors and sales:

SMART Marketing Goal Template - Download

Identify where your visitors are scrolling (or not):

You may have your CTA placed awkwardly or inconveniently. You may have a lot of traffic on a page that doesn’t have any CTA capacity. Easing your customer's mouse over to the “Buy Now” button is often just a matter of putting it in a convenient location.

Add a Pop-Up Exit Offer:

The point here is to retain their attention even after they’ve decided to leave your site. The process works on the fact that you’ve already gotten their attention; a final “don’t miss” offer might be just the trigger to convince them to finally click “Buy Now”.

Yes, the Internet offers a complex mix of marketing strategies, digital tools and customer-generators. However, the reality is that you have a great product and your potential customers want to buy it. Optimizing your website so they can do so quickly and easily will solve both your customer's problem, and your own. To get started, contact us today.

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