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Web Marketing for Manufacturers & B2B Companies

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B2B Web Marketing for Manufacturers

How to Separate Your Business from the Competition

The process of website design and marketing for manufacturers requires a more personal approach after years of a more formal approach in how B2B companies market to buyers. Considering buyers are already overwhelmed by the amount of buying options, they need to find a place that helps them make a quick decision about who to buy from. The good news for you is if you have a website that provides what they want, they'll probably choose you before you even have contact with them.

Many B2B buyers now research companies online in advance before any contact starts. Most likely, they'll end up on a website first, and it's possible it'll be yours.

What kind of impression should you make for these first-time visitors who want to gauge who you really are? First of all, simplicity is a major trend now, even if you still want to look classy without looking like you cut corners. That is a major factor when it comes to marketing for manufacturers.  Most important is succinct content that helps your visitors find what you stand for, what products you offer, as well as an efficient search method.

Buyers of manufacturing products are usually looking for something specific, so when you can help them find it, you'll be in good shape.

Let's examine some of the best features for your manufacturing site and how they get put together for the best optimization.

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Dealer Locators

It seems that simple contact information gets far too overlooked in web design, though the same goes for ways to show your physical location. In a mobile culture where buyers are frequently looking you up on a mobile device while on the go, you want an easy method to help them find you.

Even if you do most contacts online, a buyer is going to want to visit you in person to see your products. If they can't find any immediate method to locate you in less than a minute, they'll likely move on to one of your competitors. 

Provide an efficient dealer locator on your home page so a buyer can find out your closest location. The most common usage here is a drop-down box listing states (or counties) where your various stores are, or where your sole location is. Even GPS maps help for mobile.

Don't underestimate the value of an in-person visit from your buyers where they can have more tangible inspections of your products.

Product Configuration

Manufacturing products frequently need customization from buyers to suit their own needs. Rather than complicate the situation by doing this through an online order or by phone, have your first-time visitors configure your products on your site in advance.

With a product configuration feature, your visitors can choose the features they want and see exactly what they'll get when they buy from you. Always provide a visual example of what the product looks like after the configuration so it gives the best possible imagery as if viewing live at a trade show.

Even more vital is allowing a customer to remove certain features they don't really need to avoid unnecessary charges.

An Efficient Search System

As mentioned above, having a comprehensive search feature is worth adding in your web design so you make finding a product as easy as possible. Sometimes a buyer doesn't even know what they're looking for until doing a more thorough search for a specific feature, shape, or color.

Design your search box to add details so the user can essentially customize. Size your search box accordingly for mobile users so they can easily use it without looking cluttered.

Contact us here at T&T Creative Group and we'll help you add appealing features to your manufacturing web design so your buyers know everything they need before initiating contact.

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